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​Youth Missions Trip To Rainelle/Charmco, West Virginia Nov 2016

Local Missions:

At the Pregnancy Crisis Center we assist in averting abortions, family counseling, and structured teachings for Christian living.

At Palmetto Family Organization that represents ​Christian values at state government levels.

We provide finances and food donations to help families and individuals through Disaster Relief programs.

We actively support the homeless through charitable and benevolent initiatives.  

​​French Congo


 Rabbi Epstein

Pastors College

Republic of Congo

Rev. Mark Lecompte, MTL Canada

Our Mission


Daybreak Ministries envisions a community where every person is transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empowered to make Christ centered choices that lead to an abundant life for the individual, their families and the life of the unborn.


Daybreak will extend grace, speak truth, build connections and offer hope in a compassionate manner to ensure that everyone in our community is empowered to choose the abundant life that God intends for us all.We seek to best empower our community through three strategic focus areas:

1. Prevention: To encourage abstinence, self-respect, and abundant life decision making in pre-teen, teen, and college age youth through campus ministry programs.R.E.A.L.: Daybreak Ministries’ Youth Program that teaches today’s youth about Relationships, Empowerment, Abstinence and Life-Skills. Our goal is to empower youth with the education they need in order to make REAL choices, not just what society tells them to do. We accomplish this in our after school programs for both middle and high school boys and girls all over the Midlands.

2. Intervention: To foster a professional and compassionate environment to consult with women, men, and families regarding their medical and pregnancy related needs during a critical time. We provide sound information and support to help individuals make a confident pregnancy decision, receive healing, and establish a foundation for life and healthy relationships moving forward. We accomplish this through our pregnancy medical clinic, Daybreak LifeCare Center. [Daybreak LifeCare]
The mission of Daybreak LifeCare Center is to empower women, men, and families in the Midlands to choose the most positive, healthy, abundant life for themselves and the unborn by providing exceptional care, education, and medical information about sexual health and pregnancy.

3. Attention: To meet the ongoing life skill needs of our clients directly through Daybreak programs and indirectly by partnering with other organizations that excel in those areas.
Daybreak offers Abortion Recovery Assistance, a Bible study support group for women who have experienced abortion in their past who are in need of healing. This study guides each woman through the stages of grief in light of God’s Word and ultimately points her to Jesus for her healing.

Daybreak also has Taylor’s Boutique, a boutique full of maternity clothes and baby clothing/items that our clients are able to shop in with the “baby bucks” they earn from our Baby Bucks Program.

At the 2019 Missions Banquet on February 16th, we were able to raise $2,700.00.  The Lord is good and faithful.  Thank you for everyone who made this an absolute success in serving the Lord.  


Tasmania, Australia

Stephanie Baughman

Missionary to Tasmania, Stephanie Baughman


Daybreak Ministries

   Kenya, East Africa

Pastor-Benson N.J Njuranio.

Christian Applachian               Project


  Ken Harrell




The very being of God is the basis for missions. God is a sending God with a desire to see mankind reconciled, redeemed, and healed. Being missional means adopting the posture of a missionary. Jesus was the first and greatest missionary. The Bible says He came from heaven to earth to die for a lost world. In John 20:21 Jesus said, “Peace be with you; as the Father has sent me, so send I you.” We have been chosen by God to live in this time and place in order to fulfill the missions of God. Will you be a missionary for God today?

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Our Quilt Missions Fundraiser raised $1301.00 in 2019.

Bee on the lookout for the next quilt missions fundraiser in the fall of 2020. 

Shannon Dawn Cochran - Missions DIrector.


A native of Tipperary, Ireland, Erik Corcoran immigrated with his family to California when he was 8 years old. In the summer of 2016, he completed an 18-year journey through the immigration system and was “adopted” by the United States as a citizen. He calls it “the proudest moment of his life.”

Erik has served on staffs of three national campaigns and has worked on Capitol Hill in Washington. Most recently, he served as the Faith Director for a prominent presidential campaign in 5 states.

Erik is a passionate believer in the importance of faith integration in the political realm. Like Nehemiah, he believes we must pray and act out our faith in every area of society. Erik believes that God has brought us together for such a time as this in South Carolina.

​​​ Kenya East Africa

Joseph Kerongo

Boys Town


Missionary from Honduras

A missions minded church is a growing church. Missions and discipleship are at the very center of God's heart.

Although we are considered a small church, our missions vision is large. Our missions giving to date for 2020 reached $1,929.00. We are proud of everyone's effort.

For the past 20 years we have faithfully supported many areas of great need:

Africa - We support native African pastors and their families in Togo, West Africa.  Also, in Kenya East Africa, we support churches and schools. The Republic of The Congo, we support Pastors and schools and training centers.
Honduras - We support church plantings and feeding programs.  
In Israel, we support efforts to bless our Jewish brothers and sisters in a tangible way through feeding programs, and spiritually, through the Gospel of Our Lord.

In Tasmania, we support child evangelism and missionaries.

If you would enjoy learning more about how you could get involved please free to contact us through our contact page.

- Pastor Belec